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Trading Signals
In Your Hands
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Slide powerful AI Trading Application The Pioneers of
AI Trading
Save Time
and Money
Novice traders spend too much time and money on trading lessons and wasting cash learning how to trade effectively. The Power of AI 8totrade is simplifying professional trading giving you the power of world-class AI and machine learning in the palm of your hands. With 8topuz expert technology we help you level the field against the rise of AI and machine learning algorithms. Quality Signals and
and Execution
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Slide Watch Trading Markets live with AI Trade FX, Cryptos
Stocks and Futures
With 8totrade, you gain a genuine
competitive edge with our high-precision,
real-time artificial intelligence algorithms
that help you trade with confidence.
Execute Trades In-App Connect your broker account to your 8totrade app
so you can execute a trade based on our signals
right from within the application, no more messing
about, trading on the go never looked this simple.
Trading Watchlists AI Signals
and Sentiment
8topuz teamed up with the leading provider
of world-class sentiment analysis and AI machine
learned signal delivery. The very same technology
that the large institutions use daily is now
in the power of your hands.
Trading Simplified
Built for Novice and Professional Traders
by Institutional Trading Technologists and 8topuz,
the leaders in AI Trading Technology.
INTELLIGENT Trading Application

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